I love sailing on the ocean and used to do so regularly. I am fortunate to live on the edge of the beautiful Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. I’m never feel more free than when I’m on the ocean. I wondered whether there was more to this feeling than simply the exhilaration of the salty, fresh sea air.

The thing I noticed is that I would find myself thinking about all my problems and stresses, and then as we sailed further and further from shore, I would watch the harbor and the town slowly fade out of sight. The whales, dolphins and sea birds became our new and wondrous world. It wasn’t just the new surroundings that invited a feeling of well-being, but the perspective that is gained from getting out of one’s own head and considering other possibilities that is essential for good mental health.

I realized that as the land disappeared and I could no longer make out the details of the topography, so did the worries about everyday things. When I returned home, I had a new perspective and the worry was lessened. I think that coaching can similarly help us discover new perspectives on our world. New perspective can help us get unstuck and discover new possibilities.