Great leaders know themselves well. They truly love themselves and understand the thoughts they have – both positive and negative. They know how see situations clearly and take decisive action. How do they do it? I believe they exercise positive intelligence. Check out the link to my recent interview on the In the Lead Show podcast on my Home page where I talk about my experiences.

Positive Intelligence has taken the best of four scientific fields including neuroscience, cognitive behavioral science, positive psychology and performance science including emotional intelligence, and created a set of practices that allow one to develop stronger mental fitness. The three core muscles of mental fitness are:   1) the ability to recognize negative thoughts that are not helpful courtesy of our Saboteurs, and intercept them before they do harm   2) the ability to build new neural pathways (develop those mental muscles) through short exercises that literally shift brain activity, and   3) the ability to shift perspective to a more positive and helpful way of thinking called Sage Perspective.

I have seen very positive changes in my life through increasing my mental fitness, and many of my coaching clients are enjoying great success using Positive Intelligence (PQ). You can learn more about it at  When you’re ready to explore, contact me and join me on this journey.