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“Ever heard the phrase “It’s lonely at the top”?  For senior executives, the list of professional colleagues who can help you wend your way through complex issues becomes ever smaller as one moves up the ladder.  Leadership challenges.  Strategic and operational challenges.  Blind spots.  The right executive coach can help you untie that Gordian knot by guiding you to challenge your assumptions, identify your core values and skillsets as applied to your workforce, and uncover your “why”.    

I just finished my last coaching session with Marie Logan as part of the University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management Non-profit Leadership Coaching Initiative.  Over the course of the semester, we engaged on issues such as leading difficult people and elevating the team from the tactical to the strategic.  Marie was a true professional, and an expert asking the perfect questions to prompt insightful “a-ha” moments.  At the end of each coaching session, I had a concrete plan to create forward momentum on an issue that had previously confounded me.  An active listener, with great intellect, and an outgoing affable personality, Marie ranks in the top 2 of executive coaches I have worked with in my more than 15 years in the C-suite and equivalent positions; the other I paid $1,000 an hour.

~ Janet Donovan, RADM, JAGC, USN(Ret.), President and CEO, Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

“Marie is an astute observer and listens deeply. She demonstrates how thoughtful she is by always coming prepared for the sessions with a keen focus, providing excellent guidance to help organize priorities and get clear action steps to make your vision a reality.

Her coaching was a lighthouse during a hectic and challenging time in my life. At times, I thought I may get sucked underwater from all the changes and her presence and empathy was a welcome harbor. Her encouragement to try new approaches and ways of seeing things was welcome and appreciated. Working with her provided more structure for reaching my goals and helped in making my aspirations real. 
One thing I am most grateful for is that Marie really helped me to more clearly see some of my unique gifts and talents that I took for granted because they were so natural and innate in me. I am grateful for her thoughtful and caring feedback supporting me to  take bold actions and make the leap from where I was to where I wanted to be. 
If you have the opportunity to work with Marie, take it! I would highly recommend her as a coach. She is dedicated to your growth and I know her skills and insight will make a big impact in your life.
L.B.S., California

I highly recommend hiring Marie to be your coach. You’ll feel heard, validated and acknowledged. If you set goals with Marie and put a deadline to those goals your vision will unfold.  In working with Marie you’ll feel the relief of knowing she is giving honest feedback, and heck, without honest feedback I know I cannot improve. What I’ve learned in working with Marie is that having a coach who is deeply and honestly engaged in my process gives me the reality checks I’m looking for and helps me validate my potential. This sometimes means I need to release attachment to what isn’t taking me to my end goal.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Marie because she is a good listener and summarizes my ideas so that I can hear how they sound. She never tells me what to do, rather, she asks some very direct and specific questions, you know those tough questions you don’t really want to hear and you need to hear in order to make improvements? Her method of questioning is kind and curious, yet those questions end up sticking with me and driving me to get a move on. Marie pulls from a wide variety of educational, work and personal experiences making it so she can relate to a wide variety of topics.”

~ Cynthia Van Kleef, Educator & Entrepreneur, Maui, Hawaii

“Coaching with Marie was inspiring and helpful. My goal going into it was to define my vision of success and to draw a roadmap and  timeline with key milestones along the way. We connected regularly and Marie checked in on my progress and helped me refine and re-define my goals and ideas. Now, I’m continuing on my own and I know that Marie will re-connect any time I request and that’s a great feeling. I highly recommend Marie for anyone seeking this type of supportive coaching to enhance their process and increase their satisfaction with life and work.

~ C. Jill Hofer, President, CJH Communication; Partner, Welcome Home Ventures; Owner, A Nice World Jewelry for Change

“Everyone has heard about coaching. So have I. But what I didn’t know is what it really means and how life-altering it can be.

Coaching is like a swiss army knife…it is a tool that is extremely versatile and extremely powerful. If you hand MacGyver a swiss army knife he can solve just about any problem. My coaching experience with Marie has been an incredible journey and I’m truly grateful that I had the privilege to work with her. She is an amazing coach who has a unique talent to guide you in your quest to unleash your inner potential and to read your inner compass. It is hard to explain it until you experience it.”

~ Lars Panzer, Manager Corporate Matters, Muenster, Germany

I would absolutely recommend Marie to anyone; I had never had a coach before, and I think the process was fantastic! She listens very well and is good at reflecting back what she hears and observes. Often, there are so many thoughts swirling in your head and that makes it hard to pinpoint the main issue. She made observations that helped me clarify what the problems were, then she asked just the right questions that helped me stop and think and discover possible solutions. 

I didn’t have any great big huge problems since I’m retired, but no matter how big or small the issue, it clarified what the problems were and then helped me find new ways of thinking about them. At one point, something I wanted to deal with felt like a confrontation and that felt uncomfortable, and as I learned to frame it differently, it made a big impact on my thinking. There were many times where I gained confidence and it felt as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Once you find different ways of thinking about things, all of a sudden the light goes on and you can see new ways forward.”

 ~ Virginia L., happily retired, Ruskin FL

Working with Marie was great. She was always on point and prepared. She helped lead me through some tough organizational challenges I have at my job site.

I learned about using some new communication styles to work with my younger staff. Marie helped me to explore ways to reach the staff to motivate and direct them.

Coaching helped me to think more about how my actions reflect to my staff, and how I can get my staff moving as a team for a common goal.

I would highly recommend working with Marie to explore new organizational tools for your workplace. She helped me think through strategies for communication. She will help guide you in whatever you need to accomplish in your own workplace.”

~ Leslie Ridle, CEO, Girl Scouts of Alaska

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